Домой Игорь Мазепа Igor Mazepa ignores PrivateFX investors

Igor Mazepa ignores PrivateFX investors


Igor Mazepa ignores PrivateFX investors

It seems that in the CIS transparent forex companies do not appear. Brokers scum every year, investors lose investments, law enforcement agencies do not notice the crime in the defraud money pyramids. Example: There is no case against shareholders of the PrivateFX broker.

Investors plead to the police. The law enforcement agency, which is on guard of the law replies: “the plea has been reviewed, the facts have been verified, according to the results of the audit, we report: due to the absence of corpus delicti, the message of suspicion is denied”.

If this is not a scam, when deceit and manipulation on behalf of a public businessman Mazepa collect money of investors who have already incurred losses from the predecessor pyramid under the slogan of saving the depot in the Forex Trend, then what is it? Investors believed Mazepa that he “would not deceive” (as stated in his interview).

Igor Mazepa ignores PrivateFX investors

Money is collected, but frozen before the “defrosting” of the pay off. In February 2018, the broker’s privatefx.com website stoped responding, managers and shareholders distanced the company, saying that “they are no longer shareholders,” although no one has seen the documents of shareholders changes.

Mazepa was the main shareholder when the problems had aroused. These are his results. Everything that happened afterwards does not matter, payments were not renewed.

Numerous interviews of CEO of PrivateFX A.F. Bykov confirm: PrivateFX main shareholder is Ukrainian investment banker Mazepa Igor Alexandrovich, general director of investment banking company Concorde Capital, who does not “deceive” investors who have lost money in the Forex Trend predecessor financial pyramid.

If anyone doubts, there are screenshots of two releases of the Concord Capital Company that were published on the official website of the company, they confirm the truth of the written above words. They were deleted later, but we managed to “screen” everything!

Igor Mazepa ignores PrivateFX investors

Igor Mazepa ignores PrivateFX investors

When investors requested deposits return, Mazepa tried to wriggle out. In a press release, he said that he allegedly sold his stake to PrimeBroker. Clients did not believe Mazepa, he tried to avoid responsibility. Investors insist that the main shareholder, founder and guarantor of payments, the owner and director general of the investment banking company Concorde Capital, Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa, bears the greatest responsibility for PrivateFX.

Mazepa is trying to avoid responsibility of unconditional compensation to investors of the PrivateFX financial pyramid, the founder and guarantor of which he is. Mazepa does not support Website financially. Counting non fulfilled obligations to customers is therefore impossible. This indicates a lack of will to return the money to investors.

Pavel Krymov, Dmitry Lёushkin, Roman Karaulov, Alexander Bykov, Vladimir Lozovitsky, Sergey Dvorzhansky and other smaller characters are also listed as organizers and performers of the financial pyramids PrivateFX and Forex Trend alongside to Mazepa. These people differ from Mazepa in that way that they were not declared as broker shareholders.

Igor Mazepa is primarily responsible for the payment of compensation for deceived investors of the «rescued» broker and in fact the PrivateFX financial pyramid. People lured the last funds (including credits), which were not planned to be returned by Mazepa and Co.

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